Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh Sindhi wedding LIVE updates: Bollywood actors to marry again today

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone got married in Konkani customs on Wednesday in Villa del Balbinaello, built on Lake Como, Italy. Today, Deepika-Ranveer Sindhi will be married to customs and rituals. This couple has tried to keep their marriage immensely private, despite the fact that many of her wedding photos and videos have become viral on social media. To avoid the media, Ranveer-Deepika had to resort to black umbrella. A video of which has surfaced.

“Both Deepika and Ranveer were certain that they wanted to share their joy with their fans who have been showering them with good wishes. Vishal Punjabi from The Wedding Filmer is the official photographer for the functions. It was decided early on during their discussion with him that the pictures will be released right after the North Indian style wedding was wrapped up. The images are likely to be shared at around 6 pm (IST) today,” mid-day quoted a source as saying.

Meanwhile, their fan clubs have curated several pictures from the wedding ceremony, in which we got a glimpse of the ladkiwale and ladkewale.

Deepika’s cousin did Ranveer’s Welcome

Deepika’s cousin Amit Padukone, while congratulating both on Twitter, said, “Magical week, full of love, the union of two beautiful and kind souls, Deepika, I have never seen you so happy, welcome to Ranveer Family. . ”

Farah gifted a special gift

Farah Khan gave special moments in the Ranveer-Deepika Kothafe. They have made it with the impressions of both hands. It has been prepared by Artist Jasra Jasra.

Sindhi rituals begin with Sindhi rituals
, with the introduction of turmeric to the bride and groom. ‘Home Poojan’ and ‘Kirmum Sat’ are special rituals. In the house worship, the bridegroom and the bride’s hands are filled with flour. At the same time, Khitam Sat Rishta is worshiped by Ishtadev’s raw milk. Later, that milk is distributed as a prasad. It is said that there will also be ‘Santath’ ritual in which Ranvir’s friends will be misled with him.

Bridal ornaments are worn by the bride

In Sindhi marriage, the bride’s family worn the bride’s first ornaments made of flowers. The bride is introduced to the groom’s family. After this the gifts are given to the bride. Then the procession and then the groom’s feet have been pounded. There is also a parish-pallo ritual. In this, the garment that is inserted in the groom’s neck is tied to the bride’s chunari. Hathilo is also a ritual in which the bride and groom’s hand is tied with a single red cloth. Both seek blessings from God for future life. After this there are rounds.




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