We live in a weird and wonderful world, and the way we study, explore, and understand that world (as well as make progress) is called Science. Today we’re going to focus on the weird, the things that make you go “wow”. Enjoy 10 Weird Science Facts You May Not Know.

1. This is genuinely a real flower. Psychotria elata also known as ‘hooker’s lips’.

2. Why does your fingers prune underwater?

It is due to function of autonomic nervous system. Pruning of fingers improve our grip over wet objects. And pruny fingers are the evolutionary advantage.

3. Weired fact. Astronauts can’t cry.

4. Again something new about Pluto.

5. Now comes the big question. Who came first egg or hen?

6. Fascinating smell of rose in universe.

7. Now comes Mercury and Venus.

8. Look how vast our universe is.

9. The blue sun.

10. According to astronauts, space smell like seared steak,hot metal and welding fumes.




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